BoGolf Golf Simulator – Advantage

If you are into golf, you definitely would have heard about golf simulators. Different brands use different technologies for their sensors. Infrared based golf simulators are passe now as the technology was not very accurate and also playing for a longer time would fill the room with IR rays which would add to the misery.

Few Simulator companies have started making use of high speed cameras for capturing the ball flight information including Ball Speed, Launch Angle and Spin . The first company to make use of this technology is BoGolf. In addition to the advanced camera sensors, BoGolf provides many other advantages over other simulators. I am listing some great features of BoGolf simulators in this article.

a) As mentioned above, the high speed camera technology is way ahead of the traditional infrared sensors used in golf simulators. People who have used infrared based simulators are very much aware of this fact.

b) As opposed to other golf simulators which can only be used indoors, BoGolf Simulators can be installed both indoors as well as outdoors. Hence these simulators can be installed in outdoor driving ranges as well.

c) The golf course creation engine used by BoGolf is pretty advanced and uses the latest technologies to design any golf course in a jiffy and is more realistic than golf courses included with other simulators. This means, if your favorite golf course is not there in the simulator, you can still get it designed by BoGolf within few days.

d) The most important point which can keep many interested people from buying the golf simulator is the cost. BoGolf being new in the market is offering their high end camera based golf simulators at half the price of other simulators. Just because BoGolf Simulators are available at affordable cost doesn’t mean that it lacks any feature. I am sure the prices would go high as the demand increases. So get your BoGolf golf simulator now before the price increases.

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Is India ready for golf simulators?

Golf simulators are widely being used everywhere since a decade and professional players as well as trainers get a lot of help from it. However the real question remains, is India ready for golf simulators? Most of the developed countries can afford golf simulators but for an Indian, getting a golf simulator can cause lots of damage to their pocket.  These things are very costly and could easily cause a damage of 5 to 10 lacs which is not even the average annual income of an individual.


Looking at the current scenario, only people with a business purpose would invest in a golf simulator to make a long term profit from it. Most businesses get the simulator installed to increase their business because golf can definitely attract some potential clients in any industry. Some people open indoor golf centers which allow people to play golf for a small fee. This helps people who cannot afford to purchase a simulator. This way they get to play the game of golf for very cheap compared to playing on the real golf course which could costs a lot.

Golf as a game is definitely gaining its popularity in India. The reason behind the growing popularity is the media attention and also many Indian players doing well at the international golf tours. It is definitely getting all the attention but is still far from an average middle class people. Indoor centers with golf simulators would definitely spread this game among the masses and may bring this game into mainstream. Hence the answer to the original question is definitely yes. With companies like Bogolf entering the Indian market and offering their simulators for very affordable price, more and more people would be able to enjoy the game.

Some other reasons which make golf simulators a need in India is the weather, which definitely is not suitable for playing on golf courses for hours. In addition to that there are scarcity of golf courses and the courses which are active requires membership and some are even not open for general public.

Indoor golf is on a high in India

golf-indiaIndian is a cricket loving country and golf is hardly played by any youngster. This is due to the fact that there are not many golf courses and the few which are there have a huge membership fees which isn’t affordable by everyone. The media also does not focus much on these games to create awareness about this game to the common people. There are handfuls of golfers who represent India internationally in this game and most of the people do not even know their names.

There are many organizations coming forward to create awareness about the game to get more and more youngsters adapt this game and represent the country. Since there is shortage of courses, there are many small training facilities who train people by using indoor golf simulator since it gives you the experience of playing on the real golf course in a small room with real clubs and balls. A golf simulator also has real international golf courses, so playing on the simulator and then playing on the actual golf course won’t make any difference to your game. While simulators are not 100% accurate but still you can expect 90 to 95% accuracy while playing on high end simulators.

Golf enthusiast who can afford the system get it installed in their houses and can play whenever they want without having to wait for their slot as they would in a golf course. The cost of getting one is high but if you are serious about golfing, you should definitely get it as in the long run it is much better than the membership fee of golf courses. Hotel and Companies are opting for simulators as it is not only an object of training but also gives a luxury look to the property. Various events organizers have started renting simulators so they could attract more people and engage them to create business contacts.

While these simulators are mostly used for other purposes than training, it still creates awareness about the game to common people and would definitely help the development of golf in India. We are yet to see the impact of having indoor golf simulators as it has just been few years since the introduction of this technology in India. The game is slowly gaining its popularity here and indoor simulators would add to this growth.

In case you are not familiar with golf simulators, below is a video showing Bogolf simulator.

Golf Training Equipments and their Advantages

Golfing is an art and to master any art you need to be consistent with your practice. Practice is the only key to achieving your goals. A consistent practice will definitely improve your game. Not everyone is same and hence some might improve quickly while others might take time but there will definitely be improvement if you are disciplined.

It is said that a bad workman quarrels with his tools, but with bad tools even a good workman can look bad. Hence selecting proper golf training equipment is the key to give a right direction to your dream of becoming good at the game of golf.  Hence you need to have the best training equipment to get the best results. Investment is necessary if you want to achieve anything, hence do not compromise on the initial investment as it is very crucial in initial stages.

There are some basic tools like half circle swing trainer which can improve your short range shots by controlling your power and giving a proper direction to your golf club. Golf net doesn’t really help in improving the game but is a must for beginner to avoid damage since the net stops the ball from going outside. Swing setter and plane are good when it comes to practicing and mastering your golf swing. You can use radar for testing your swing to see how good you are with your shots. These are just few; you can find many more equipments which can help each aspect of your game. All of these are tested and proven to be great in terms of quality, durability and safety.

Practicing on these equipments gives you hands on experience and not just theoretical lessons. Hence get these to get some hands on experience of playing proper golf. It will also make sure that you do not catch any bad habit as they are very difficult to correct at later stages. Golf simulator is another great investment which allows an all in one solution for golfing from training to practice. To know about the safety and accuracy of golf simulator, you can visit this page.

Golf Simulators in India

Finding a golf simulator in India can be a difficult task as very few people know about it and there are hardly any companies selling simulators in India.

The lack of knowledge about the game of golf adds to the misery. The game of golf is still in developing stage in India and only few people can afford to play this game. Bogolf has taken the initiative to spread this game in India through their range of golf simulators which are affordable and offers some great features which can help novice to learn and become a professional golfer without even stepping on the golf course.

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Important Points To Consider While Choosing a Projector For Golf Simulators

Choosing a projector for golf simulator is different from choosing one standard projector for entertainment or other purposes. The major difference is the throw ratio. The throw ratio is basically how far the projector should be away from the screen. To calculate the distance you need to keep between the projector and the projector screen, you should multiply the throw ratio of the projector by the by the diagonal dimension of the screen.

In standard projectors the throw ratio is around 1.8 to 2.2. In case you have a 15 feet diagonal screen, you will have to keep the projector at a distance of around 27 to 33 feet which is not feasible for golf simulator as the room is not that huge. Even in cases where people have that much depth, there are chances that you will see shadows on the screen since it will be far from the screen and you will be in the path of projection while playing. Also placing the projector too far from the screen means lots of loss in the light and hence the image will not be bright enough to have the realistic experience.

There are projectors available in the market with short throw. They have a short throw ratio below 1 and are mostly used by people who need a large projection but do not have enough depth in the room. Now if we use the above calculation, the distance which we would need between the projector and the screen would be around 9 feet if the projector has a throw ratio of 0.6. The benefit of such projectors is that you just need a small room depth and you won’t have the shadow problems or visibility issues here.

Another thing to look in a projector is the lumen value. Anything below 5000 lumen would not be suitable for golf simulator as it will not be right enough and you will need a complete dark room to have a proper visibility. 5000+ are great when you have a large screen and even in a bright room the pictures will be clear enough to give the real experience of playing golf on your golf simulator.

Proper Golf Practicing Skills

As a beginner you should not be frustrated about your progress since you are not a professional. Developing any kind of skill takes time and so does learning golf. One thing which you can do is utilize your practice time effectively which most of the amateur golfers don’t. While someone might be thinking that they are practice all day and hence should improve faster but it is completely false. Most new golfers start to posses bad habits of playing game incorrectly due to lack of assistance.

Practicing properly will save a lot of time as well as find the game much more interesting and rewarding in a long run.  Proper practice helps you avoid all the bad habits and develop motor skills which help in memorizing the techniques of the game. Thus you will play with confidence even in front of a huge crowd without any hesitation. Always concentrate on hitting the shot properly and without thinking of the distance. The distance and power will come slowly but the correct technique is hitting the ball at right angle and having control on your golf club.

While golf training professions can give you a good hands-on instruction, they do not assist in any way when players try to self practice. Players need something where they can practice themselves and judge them and their progress. After taking few lessons from professions they should know whether they have actually progressed and achieved the desired results. If they are not able to practice properly, they tend to go back to the mistakes they used to make and also acquire new faults without even realizing it.

In these situations a golf simulator helps a lot. This is in no way a replacement for professional golf instructor but once you are through with the instructions you need it to practice and analyze your golf shots and overall game. It does not only help you in understanding and analyzing you swing but also helps you root out your faults. It gives you a base to practice and keep a track on your overall improvement as per your needs. It provides a proper feedback which is needed in order to improve your game.

Slide Rule – Having a successful swing

The legs are the foundation of the swing. When the lower body supports the motion of the upper body, a golfer is able to maintain balance. When the body is in balance, the golfer can swing at maximum speed and still make solid contact.

One reason golfers lose control of the lower body is they misunderstand how the weight shift should happen. When a player tries to shift his weight over the right leg, he often slides the lower body away from the target. This leads to the upper body shifting towards the target to maintain balance. The result is a reverse weight shift left on the backswing, right on the down swing and a loss of power.

A proper weight shift is the result of the lower body supporting and somewhat resisting the upper body as it coils. During the takeaway, the shoulders, arms and club should start the swing while the lower body stays passive. At a certain point, depending on the individual’s flexibility, the hips will begin to turn and join the backswing.

A great way to improve your balance and train the lower body to form a solid base is to hit the shots from a fairway bunker. Because of the lack of solid footing, the sand forces you to keep the lower body quiet to maintain balance. When most of your swings are making solid contact and you’re finishing in balance, you have achieved a quiet lower body, which will help maximize power and consistency in your swing.